Literacy Programme

Writing Diaries

As a part of our literacy programme we invite our 4 year old children to join in with our writing diary programme.  In this programme we will spend a small period of precious one on one time with your child to work on a small writing task.  Each child has their own exercise book containing drawings and written work – sentences, letters and numbers based around current interests of the child. This work is done in partnership with you as the parent and first educator of your child.

We have great success with this programme and by the time your child is ready to go to school they will be able to write their name, understand all the letters of the alphabet and be able to write them down.  Numerical literacy is a part of this programme as well.


Learning Journals

As your child enrols with us, we will provide you with a large scrapbook which will become your child’s learning journal. We will use this learning journal to record anecdotes, learning stories, observations & art work.

We encourage you to add to your child’s learning journal regularly and we love to discuss your child’s learning progressions with you. Please feel free to take your child’s learning journal home so that you can add any items that your child is currently interested in. In this way we can work in partnership together to foster, extend and develop your child’s learning through their interests.

Please record in the book (on the learning journal display unit) if you are taking your child’s learning journal home from the Preschool. Please ensure Journals are returned promptly.

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