Teaching Programme

Our teaching is based upon the belief that all children are capable and competent learners and through observations and parent consultation, we aim to identify children’s strengths and challenges and work to scaffold their learning.

We run a programme which is really a whāriki  (woven mat) made up of all sorts of ideas. We weave Christian ethics into all that we do and actively teach children about values such as kindness, love and peace.

We add into our whāriki ideas from the teachers to add interest, variety and vibrancy to our programme. We observe children carefully and do our best to notice their evolving interests so that we build upon & extend their learning. In the midst of this the teachers act as facilitators to empower children to become independent thinkers and learners.

Children have an involvement in decision making, designing, implementation and completion of their activities – including tidying up in accordance with Ministry of Education and the National Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whāriki.

Te Whāriki

This graphic shows the principles and strands of the early childhood curriculum; the principles are what everything is built upon – family and community, holistic development, empowerment, and the vital one – relationships!

Within all of these main principles we work on building the child’s sense of well being and belonging and offer all of our children many opportunities to develop their communication skills, explore their world and make their own contribution within the Preschool environment.

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